Annual power savings for a typical Sunshine Coast home

In this blog I will look at a Sunshine Coast home with reasonably large power consumption that had a 6.6kW system installed by The Sun Works Solar in mid 2017. This family home has a pool and uses air-conditioning for both heating and cooling.

In 2018 the total power consumption of the home was 11,580kWhs however the solar power system covered 4,120kWhs of that reducing the total drawn from the grid to 7,460kWhs.

Without a quality Sunshine Coast solar power system this family would have paid a total of $2,663 (excluding daily services charges) or approximately $665 per quarter however this dropped to $1,715 a saving of $948.

Sunshine Coast Solar Savings 1

During the same period 5,880kWhs of power was exported to the grid and the family received a feed in tariff of 16.1 cents for that power giving them a feed in tariff credit of $946. This reduced their bill to only $769 a total saving of $1,895.

Sunshine Coast Solar Savings 2

Data taken from Fronius monitoring platform SolarWeb and is actual information of a system installed in Mountain Creek. Prices and tariffs are based on Energy Australia rates and are correct at the time of publication.

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