Residential Solar Power

Did you know that the sun can provide us with more energy in one day than the entire population on earth need in a year.

Installing a quality residential solar power system on the Sunshine Coast will enable you to harness some of that energy and significantly reduce or in some cases eliminate your power bill, while also doing your bit for the environment.

There are 3 main components of any solar power system:

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are the workhorse of any solar power system and quality really does make a difference. Choosing a solar panel or an entire solar power system based entirely on price alone is not the best option.

There are a number of factors that determine the price of a solar panel: the size in watts, the physical size, the brand and the durability and warranty of the product. Of these, durability and the associated warranty of a solar panel is the most important consideration. All of our solar panels offer a minimum 10 year manufacturers’ warranty and a 25 year performance guarantee.

If the manufacturer of the solar panel does not have an office in Australia then it is important to note that warranty will only be honoured as long as the Company who sold you the panels or the Importer of the solar panels is in business therefore sticking to a known brand such as REC, LG Solar, or Jinko is key when making your decision to purchase a solar power system.

2. Solar Inverters

Solar Inverters are the heart and brains of any solar power system, providing usable AC electricity to power your home and feeding any excess into the electricity grid. A solar inverter is the hardest working appliance you will ever purchase, they start operating as soon as the sun rises in the morning and do not stop until the sun sets in the evening.

When considering which solar inverter to install on your solar power system it is vital you stick to known, trusted brands such as FroniusSungrow or Enphase microinverters as they will provide you with years of trouble free operation and, crucially, they all have full warranty support right here in Australia.

Homeowners all across Australia are buying solar power systems with a cheap solar inverter which fails after a few years of operation, they then find out they have no warranty support and the company they bought the solar power system from has gone out of business.

SunWorks Solar Sunshine Coast has been in operation for more than 24 years and we only sell quality solar inverters with full Australian warranty support, giving you peace of mind for the future.

3. Installation Quality

Installation quality is an overlooked component in a Sunshine Coast solar power system. You may have chosen the best possible equipment but if it is not installed professionally and correctly you won't get the best return from your system and this is where we differ from others;

  1. We do not use sub-contractors on any of our jobs. 
  2. There may be obstacles on your roof that might impact the performance of the system due to shading etc. rather than simply installing the panels in the easiest location for us we will install them in the best location to achieve maximum performance for you.
  3. We will not scrimp on any part of your installation and that includes using the best quality framing, cable, conduit, isolators, isolator covers, saddles etc.
  4. We will ensure your system meets and exceeds all the standards required for a solar power installation.
  5. We are Fronius Solution partner and Sungrow service agents and the only REC Gold Certified Solar Professional on the Sunshine Coast we know how to set your system up so that is performs to its maximum efficiency generating more power for you over the lifetime of the system.

So, although it might be tempting to save a few dollars on your system a quality installation together with quality components really does pays dividends in the long run.


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