Frequently asked questions


Some frequently asked questions about Sunshine Coast Solar Power systems.

Are government incentives available for Solar Power?

Yes. All solar power systems qualify for government incentives in the form of STCs. Visit our Savings and Benefits page for more information or contact us today

What is a standard installation?

A standard installation for a solar power system is defined as?

Single story dwelling with a tin or tile pitched roof (Kliplok or similar roofs are not defined as tin)

No split arrays i.e. all the solar panels are installed on the same area of roof.

No cathedral or raked ceilings

Inverter mounted inside garage or other location within 15 metres or meter box or sub-board

Can solar panels be damaged by hail?

Yes solar panels can be damaged by hail however all solar panels we sell are tested against hail damage and will therefore survive most hail storms.

If however the hail stones are exceptionally large then they can irreparably damage a solar panel and in the unlikely event of that happening you should:

a) Turn off your solar power system by following the shutdown procedure which will be shown on or near your solar inverter, and

b) Contact us immediately – we can make the system electrically safe and organise replacement solar panel(s) for you as soon as possible.

The cost of the new solar panels should be covered by your household insurance but please check with them to ensure coverage.

What happens if there is a power failure?

For safety reasons your inverter will instantly shut down in the event of a power failure – if this happens the inverter will display an error message similar to “Grid Failure”.

You do not need to do anything as the inverter will restart as soon as the power is restored and there is sufficient light.

Will my solar power system produce power on overcast or rainy days?

Since the amount of electricity generated depends on light intensity and not irradiation or direct sunlight, your solar power system will work In cloudy and rainy conditions.

However the greater the intensity of light, the greater the flow of electricity therefore more electricity is produced on sunny days.

Do we install solar panels on Asbestos or Decromastic roofs?