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Jinko Solar has been a global leader in the solar industry for many years and has been publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange since 2010.

Jinko Solar employs more than 15,000 people globally with Australian offices and distribution centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

More than 55 GigaWatts of Jinko solar panels have been installed globally

That is more than 166 million solar panels

Jinko Solar Panels

2.4 Gigawatts have been installed in Australia 

That is enough to power 480,000 homes.

Jinko Solar Panels installed in Australia

Jinko solar panels are listed as Tier 1

Jinko is a Tier 1 manufacturer of solar panels

Jinko Tier 1


  • Jinko Cheetah 330watt

    Quality, Affordable Solar Panels for both Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems. ...