Battery Storage and Emergency Power Supply

Based on recent feedback it is clear that customers are being misled by other companies about battery storage and emergency power supply.

Emergency power supply or EPS is not designed to run your entire house during a power outage, in fact, systems are not capable of supplying that much power and even if they could your battery would be flat very quickly. A correctly installed EPS system will supply power to your lights, fridge and some other appliances such as your TV , computer and modem/router however it is not recommended to supply power to entire power circuits as you do run the risk of either tripping the system or prematurely flattening your battery.

As part of our sales and installation process for battery storage systems we will discuss EPS with you and determine which appliances can be added to the EPS system – sometimes this will require your home to be partially rewired and the cost of doing that will also be discussed.

Don’t be fooled by sales rhetoric and live to regret it – do it right from the start and contact SunWorks solar today for an obligation free quote.