Cheap solar – its cheap for a reason

We have just had a call from a Sunshine Coast resident who had an Enphase solar system installed by a national company that advertises really cheap prices. Although the system is working the monitoring is not, as the solar power installer, who by the way is based on the Gold Coast, didn’t install the Envoy Metered S correctly. As a result the monitoring system shows his household consumption as exactly the same amount as his solar production. This is a simple fix, however the installer won’t come back as it is too far away (he would have been paid a pittance to install the system) and the company he brought the system from refuses to do anything about it despite 4 months of phone calls and emails – and they offer a 10 year installation warranty which clearly isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common complaint. We recommended that he lodges a formal complaint with the Office of Fair Trading and at the same time goes onto their Facebook page to complain.

As we have said previously you do get what you pay for with Sunshine Coast solar power systems and a quality installation means just as much as the solar inverter and off grid solar panels you buy. Cheap solar isn’t quality and quality solar isn’t cheap!

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