Federal parliament now 100% against renewable energy

For years the Coalition have been anti-renewable energy and have tried their best to scupper and hinder all forms including solar power, both large and small scale, wind farms, hydro and thermal solar.

Unfortunately for the planet our government is now led by a pack of ministers who are vehemently opposed to all forms of renewable energy.

LNP Scomo holding coal
(AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

Scott Morrison is so in love with coal that he infamously appeared in parliament brandishing a large lump of it. He has also compared the Telsa big battery in South Australia to the big banana.

Now he his prime minister his goal appears to be to destroy all forms of support for renewable energy including incentives for residential and commercial solar power and solar hot water and to assist him with that goal he has appointed John Kunkel, the former deputy CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia to be his deputy chief of staff, Angus Taylor as energy minister and Mellisa Price as environment minister.

Angus Taylor has been campaigning against wind farms for years and recently described the renewable energy target as “industry pork-barrelling on steroids.”. Mellisa Price is a former mining lawyer and as previously mentioned John Kunkel was the former CEO of the Minerals Council of Australia.

All of this does not pose well for the future of renewable energy in Australia and we fully expect massive changes to the renewable energy target including removing the subsidy for solar power which has previously been recommended by the ACCC.

If you are considering solar power then we would urge you to get a system installed quickly before the current incentives are either drastically reduced or removed entirely.  

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