How to Get Off-Grid with Solar Energy

With electricity prices continuing to rise and more and more Australians seeking peace and quiet on rural blocks, the appeal of off-grid solar on the Sunshine Coast is growing.

Going off-grid is different from normal solar for homes or standard residential solar power and requires careful consideration and planning.

Designing an off-grid solar power system should involve a detailed review of your energy load profile, i.e. how much power you will need to supply your appliances with energy. You can minimise the amount of electricity you will need by using gas for cooking and hot water and installing energy saving devices such as LED lighting throughout your home.

SunWorks can assist you with calculating your load profile and then design an off-grid solar system for your Sunshine Coast home that suits your needs and budget. A properly designed system using quality components such as Victron or SMA inverter chargers coupled with high performance solar power panels from REC or Risen can supply your home with clean, green solar energy for many years to come however an incorrectly designed off grid system can mean you are constantly running out of power and having to rely heavily on generators which are noisy and expensive to run.

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