Mass Energy Solar Inverter Delisted

The Clean Energy Council have advised that effective 21st February all inverters in the Shenzen SofarSolar (more commonly known as Mass Energy) inverters have been delisted due to safety concerns. It will be up to the Electrical Safety Office to determine whether the inverters will be subject to a safety recall but if you have a solar power system installed with a Mass Energy inverter you should contact the company that installed it as soon as possible for advice.

The notice issued by the CEC is shown below.

Safety issue with Shenzhen Sofarsolar inverters

A PV grid-connect inverter of Shenzhen Sofarsolar Co Ltd, model Sofar 3000TL, has failed testing by the Clean Energy Council (CEC) for compliance with AS 4777-2.

As a result of failing the Passive Anti-islanding test, the Active Anti-islanding test and other issues, all inverters from Shenzhen Sofarsolar have been de-listed as of 21 February 2018.

This failure is regarded by the CEC as a potential safety issue for personnel as the inverter may not shut down under some grid failure conditions.

As it is not practical for the CEC to test all of the manufacturer’s inverters, the CEC takes the results of the test on this model as representative of other models until demonstrated otherwise.

What should you do?

  • If you have stock of this brand of inverter, do not install it.
  • If you have installed this inverter, contact your supplier and await advice from the manufacturer or electrical safety authorities on what action you should take.
  • At this stage, no advice has been given by the company or electrical safety authorities.