Offsetting the cost of air con during long, hot summers

stay cool with solar

There’s no denying that Australia’s harsh climate can throw up plenty of challenges, from destructive storms, bushfires, drought and floods to simply trying to stay cool during summer.

The combination of extreme temperatures and high humidity is simply a part of life in the sub-tropical climes of the Sunshine Coast, Gympie and Brisbane. So, with the mercury climbing now summer has arrived, many households have their air conditioners in overdrive. The result: skyrocketing electricity bills.

Solar power offers a solution and if offsetting the cost of air con summer after summer is entirely your aim, you don’t need a huge system either. A 5kW – 6kW system will suffice!

Best of all, most systems will pay for themselves in 3-5 years, so you’re soon if front … meaning when you put your feet up in absolute comfort, while others swelter, you really can completely relax.

Be sure to chat with the SunWorks Solar team today about what you want your solar power to achieve – whether simply offsetting your cooling costs, going completely off-grid to eradicate your power bill in its entirety or somewhere in between.

We can make recommendations on the best solar power systems for you based on your goals and can even offer finance options, which means there’s no reason whatsoever to suffer through yet another sweltering summer, keeping the air con switched off even on the hottest days to save money.