Real life savings from a solar power system

A lot of our customers ask us how much a solar power system will save them and although that varies from household to household it is possible to reduce or even totally eliminate your electricity bill.

Take Rob from Bli Bli, before installing a solar power system on his Sunshine Coast home in mid May 2017 his power bills were in the mid $400 range however that was before his new swimming pool and air-conditioners were installed.

Bill before solar

Bill after solar

This clearly shows that with careful management of your power usage a quality solar power system installed by SunWorks Solar can and will significantly reduce or in some cases even eliminate your electricity bill.

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Disclaimer: The savings from your solar power system may vary from the example shown above and will depend on the size of the system installed, the roof pitch and orientation, your usage of power during daylight hours, your power usage overnight and climatic conditions.

“A quality solar power system isn’t cheap and a cheap solar power system isn’t quality”