REC Alpha Series vs LG Neon R

The REC Alpha Series solar panels have arrived in Australia and in this post we compare these panels with the popular LG Neon R.

Both of these panels operate at the premium end of the solar market which was once dominated by LG however, as you will see in this post, the REC Alpha Series will change that.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Both LG and REC offer a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty on their solar panels however the REC panels must be installed by a certified REC Solar professional and be registered with REC otherwise the warranty will reduce to 20 years. Draw

Performance guarantee

Both LG and REC offer a 25 year performance guarantee on their solar panels. The REC Alpha series guarantees a minimum output of 92% after 25 years however the LG Neon R only guarantees 90.8%. Winner here is REC

Temperature co-efficient

Contrary to popular belief the hot days of summer are not conducive for maximum solar power production. All solar panels, regardless of brand, will lose a certain amount of output as soon as the solar cell temperature goes above 25°C.

REC Alpha Series solar panels will lose 0.24% of their output for every degree C above 25 and LG Neon R panels will lose 0.30% of their output. REC Alpha Series panels will therefore perform better during our hot Sunshine Coast summers. Winner REC

 Shade Tolerance

The REC Alpha solar panel is a split into two identical and mirrored sections which work independently from each other. This technology enables the REC Alpha solar panel to continue to produce power even if the bottom or top sections of the panel is heavily shaded. Winner REC

Overall winner – REC

As you can see from the above other than the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty which is a draw REC Alpha wins in all other significant categories and is therefore the logical choice, recommended by SunWorks Solar Centres on the Sunshine Coast.