Rooftop solar and battery system rebates and loans

Rooftop solar system

Installing solar is about to be made easier for Queenslanders, thanks to a State Government scheme to encourage the switch to sustainable energy and help address electricity affordability.

If you’ve been considering investing in solar power or adopting battery storage technology, we encourage you to act quickly when rebates and no-interest loans being offered by the Queensland Government come into effect but be careful to avoid the cowboys!

The imminent rebates on battery systems of between $1,300 and $2,000 – available “early 2018” according to the latest government information as part of its $300 million Affordable Energy Plan –offer households and small businesses additional incentive to go green. No-interest loans available from March offer additional assistance.


Rebate schemes have a tendency to generate huge demand, but they are also known to have a negative impact in flooding an industry with inexperienced, dodgy operators who are simply looking to cash in.

This can lead to shoddy installs, a lot of grief as a result and eventually the rebate being shut down. The Federal Government’s home insulation scheme is a classic example.

If you’re looking to take advantage of the cash on the table, please be sure to choose an established, reputable company such as SunWorks Solar.

Remember cheap solar isn’t quality and quality solar isn’t cheap.

We’re proud that the Sunshine State already has the highest uptake of solar photovoltaic system installations in Australia and we’re also proud that we have 30 years’ experience in solar power and don’t use subcontractors.

Contact us today to discuss your solar power requirements or if you need any advice on the best way forward.