Why you should choose REC Alpha series solar panels

Why you should choose REC Alpha series solar panels for your Sunshine Coast solar power system.

REC Solar have been a world leader in solar panel production since 1996 and the latest Alpha Series Solar Panels are arguably the best solar panel on the market today.

What makes them so good?

Warranty: The REC Alpha Series solar panels are covered by the REC ProTrust warranty which includes the following:

25 year performance guarantee with a minimum output of 92% in year 25 (most other solar panels only offer 86%),

25 year manufacturing warranty (most other solar panels only offer 10 – 15 years)

and a 25 year labour reimbursement warranty (most panel manufacturers will not cover the labour cost to replace faulty solar panels)

Performance: The REC Alpha Series solar panels offer outstanding performance in all light conditions and do not suffer from LID (Light Induced Degradation) which means you get the power you pay for.

All REC Alpha solar panels use REC’s iconic split cell design which reduces internal resistance for improved performance and increased output when a panel is partly shaded.

In addition, they offer superb performance during the hot summer months with a world leading temperature co-efficient of only -0.26% compared to the industry norm of -0.38%. This means that on hot summer days the REC Alpha Series solar panel will produce considerably more energy improving your return on investment.

Environmental: The environmental credentials of the Alpha Series solar panels are also impressive with each panel using 81% less toxic lead than other panels and they are made using energy efficient manufacturing processes in Singapore which reduces their carbon footprint.

In summary REC Alpha Series panels have a superior warranty, offer outstanding performance in all conditions and are sustainably made.

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