Is it worth cleaning your solar panels?

This is a topic we have covered before and now there is some scientific evidence to back up our claim that it is not worth cleaning your solar panels if you live on the Sunshine Coast.

The University of Wollongong recently tested the effectiveness of cleaning solar panels by measuring the output from six sections of a solar power system installed on the roof of the Sustainable Buildings Research Centre. They compared results for solar power output where one section was never cleaned, one was cleaned twice a year, one every four months, one every three months, one very two months and one monthly.

Data was collected for a 12 month period ending ending June 2017 and the researchers compared the daily solar production from each section and noted that “The effect of soiling had very little impact on the yield of either section”  they went onto conclude that the good levels of rainfall in coastal areas are sufficient to keep solar power systems performing well.

In summary, if you live on the Sunshine Coast, it is clear that cleaning solar panels is a waste of time and money.