Fronius Symo Inverters

Fronius Inverters

Fronius Symo Inverters

The most popular 3 phase solar inverter in Australia

The Fronius Symo inverter is the most popular clean energy inverter in the range of three phase inverters manufactured in Austria by Fronius. It ranges in size from 3kW which is perfect for use on smaller systems all the way up to 20kW which can be used to install larger systems on both residential and commercial properties.

This Fronius inverter has a number of features which ensures it is one of the most future proof inverters sold today. 

A host of other smart features are included with the Fronius Primo inverter including:

Dynamic Peak Manager

Fronius Dynamic Peak Manager

Ensures maximum solar energy yield even if the solar panels are partly shaded. 

In most cases there is no need to install any power optimiser products.

Super Flexible System Design

Fronius Symo inverters allow for very flexible designs of Sunshine Coast solar power systems.

Multiple roof orientations and roof pitches are not generally a problem. 

Snapinverter Technology

Fronius snapinverter

Fronius Primo inverters have an innovative mounting system which allows for easy maintenance and serving.
If required individual components can be replaced rather than the entire inverter.

Integrated Data Communication

Fronius WiFi

Easy connection of the inverter to the internet via WiFi or Lan.

Compatible with various interfaces for connection to 3rd party components.

Changing WiFi settings in your Fronius Inverter

If you have changed your internet details and need to update your Fronius inverter simply follow the steps in this video to reconnect your inverter.

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Full Australian Warranty

Fronius Primo inverters come with a 10 year (5+5) warranty with full warranty support from the Fronius Australian office in Melbourne.

Free internet monitoring

When connected to the internet all Fronius inverters can be monitored via the FREE solarweb app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.


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