SolarWatt Vision Solar Panels

SOLARWATT Solar Panels

SolarWatt Vision Solar Panels

German made with 30 year warranty

The SolarWatt Vision panels are manufactured in Germany and come with an industry leading 30 year product warranty and a 30 year performance guarantee.

They offer these warranties because the power-generating solar cells are protected by a glass layer on both the front and back. Each of these 2 millimetre thick panes is bonded together by lamination to be water- and airtight.

These glass-glass panels are essentially ageless as glass does not degrade over time.

As a result, SOLARWATT panels not only achieve a much longer service life, but also generate more electricity than conventional solar panels. Your free, green electricity yield remains stable over 

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Industry leading 30 year product and manufacturing warranty.

Incredibly tough solar panels capable of withstanding most hail storms


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