9.9kW Solar Power System (Single Phase)

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9.9kW Solar Power System (Single Phase)

If you have single phase power and large power bills then a 6.6kW system may not be large enough for your home and you may want to consider installing a larger system such as this 9.9kW system.

Single phase systems with inverters larger than 5kW will need to be export limited so that only a maximum of 5kW can be exported to the grid at any time.

This 9.9kW solar power system comes with 30 x Jinko solar panels coupled with and Austrian Made Fronius 8.2kW solar inverter and the Fronius smart meter.

As with all our systems this outstanding Sunshine Coast solar power system is fully installed by Pete Collins (Director of Sunworks Solar) and his team and comes with our 10 year installation warranty.

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