Jinko Cheetah 330watt

Jinko Solar

Jinko Cheetah 330watt

Quality, Affordable Solar Panels for both Residential and Commercial Solar Power Systems.


The Jinko Cheetah 330watt HC solar panel is backed by solid warranties with full support in Australia.

5 busbars

improve the efficiency of the solar panels and offers a a better aesthetic appearance, making it perfect for rooftop installations.

Low light performance

Advanced glass and cell surface textured design ensure excellent performance
in low-light conditions.

Split cell design

Improves performance in partly shaded conditions.




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Affordable solar panels

With solid warranties fully backed by Jinko Solar Australia - the Jinko 330watt solar panel is perfect for homeowners looking for a more budget friendly Sunshine Coast solar power system.

Improved shade tolerance

This system features Split Cell design, which means if the bottom half of the solar power panel is shaded, the top half of the panel will continue to generate full power.


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